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Samir grew up in a tough neighbourhood in the South of Lebanon (a small country in the middle east) in a family that struggled financially and in many different ways which triggered his money-making instincts. To understand the money game, he attended accounting courses at the Hariri Canadian University. To try to make his parents proud, he dropped accounting to join the school of Art and Architecture since being an architect was and still is a prestigious title to hold in many societies around the world. Simultaneously, Samir had a side hustle as a personal trainer and a distributor of nutritional supplements which was well paying. His interest in business grew and after years of designing buildings, he decided to pursue a degree in Fitness and nutrition! He gained popularity in that field and started climbing the ladder of life. His ambitions drove him to seek bigger and more audacious challenges, so he decided to explore the African markets starting from Kenya. During his 5 years in Kenya, Samir tried almost everything! from farming to mining, to duty free before starting a career in the financial markets industry. After making a successful living from trading the financial markets and cryptocurrencies, subsequently dealing with HNWI advising on investments, using complex financial products and successfully managing and growing their portfolios, he was inspired to launch supreme FX an online trading platform.

Samir has always had a unique taste in fashion that was admired by his affluent clients. After the motto that says “Don’t do anything your good at for free”, he started his own fashion line. The JEZZINI fashion line.

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